Jordan Woods

Jordan is from the Gold Coast, Australia. Growing up she competed in local, national and international dance competitions and spent two years training full-time while a high school student. Jordan received her first contract at 18 years old and spent seven years travelling the world as a professional dancer. Her love of movement combined with… Continue reading Jordan Woods

Mom and Baby Reformer

You don’t have to chose between getting your workout in or spending time with your little one anymore; our mom and baby pilates reformer all level class offers it all. Pilates is an excellent and safe way to get back into shape post baby and will help you recover from pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding as… Continue reading Mom and Baby Reformer

Benoit Leduc

Benoît Leduc has been professionally active in the dance world for over 25 years. A graduate of the École supérieure de danse du Québec, he danced from 1997 to 2000 with the Jeune Ballet du Québec and with the Grands Ballets Canadiens on various productions. In Argentina he masters the learning of Argentine tango he… Continue reading Benoit Leduc

Isabelle Arcand

Isabelle is a trained professional dancer. She mainly dances for choreographer Virginie Brunelle with whom she has been performing her work in national and international theaters since 2009. She discovered Pilates in her dancers’ career, which quickly became a tool for her everyday training, continuing education and rehabilitation after an injury. It is the Pilates… Continue reading Isabelle Arcand

Stephanie Johnston

Stephanie is a student in occupation therapy and a part-time Pilates instructor. She sees the classes she teaches as an opportunity to see and to understand the body in action. According to her, Pilates and occupational therapy are very complementary fields and she hopes to one day to combine the two in her practice. Stephanie… Continue reading Stephanie Johnston

Reformer for women

Finally: an all-around pilates class welcoming women of all ages and fitness levels! This women-only class is led by a female instructor and is taught on our reformers. Squeeze this full-body workout in during your lunch break for a straighter posture, improved strength and noticeably better flexibility.   Levels Offered : All Levels

Allyson Manta

Allyson Manta is trained in the Polestar Pilates method, based in Miami, USA. She discovered Pilates with its introduction into Cirque du Soleil, when she was working as a choreographer and artistic director for this international company. Her life as a dancer always infuses her classes with organic, graceful combinations, and classical sequences. With over… Continue reading Allyson Manta

Stability Reformer

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A class that will work on realigning your body through exercises that challenge your balance and unilateral coordination (working one leg or one arm at a time). You will work your deep abdominal muscles and your stabilizer muscles, while still being able to release unwanted tension in your body.   Levels offered : Intermediate You… Continue reading Stability Reformer

Wake-Up Reformer

An all level reformer class focusing on waking up the body and mind. A full body workout, you will move to work the muscles, joints, coordination as well as some stretching. A great class to feel refreshed, invigorated, and motivated to start your day.   Levels offered : All Levels

Core Reformer

This class focuses on a lot of abdominal exercises and the understanding of how to engage core muscles efficiently to avoid unwanted tension. The class will also familiarize you with the Pilates repertoire while moving your body in all directions. Levels offered : Beginner, All Levels, Intermediate  

Flow Reformer

A more advanced level class perfect for those looking to add some intensity to their Pilates routine. Exercises are quickly linked, providing a cardiovascular workout. Series of pulses halfway through movements will also help you develop muscular endurance. Get ready for a challenge!   Levels offered : All Levels, Intermediate


A hybrid class which begins on the mat in the mat room, and ends on the reformer. It will challenge the abdominals with exercises on the mat that are not offered on the reformer, and work the arms, legs, and back while working with resistance on the reformer. The best of both worlds!   Levels… Continue reading ReforMat

Energizer Reformer

A well rounded 45 minutes all level reformer class where you will work each muscle groups of the body. Perfect for those on lunch break or with less time for a workout.   Levels Offered : All Levels

BootyBarre® Flex & Flow

The same fun and challenging BootyBarre® class, but instead of weights, resistance bands are wrapped around the ballet barres for extra arm work, stability work, ab work, balance work, and flow. The flex&flow class overall will work your arms more than the PLUS class, and because of the resistance of the bands, can be a… Continue reading BootyBarre® Flex & Flow

BootyBarre® Plus

Looking to add some extra cardio to your workout? The classic BootyBarre® class is the perfect combination of ballet, strength, and flexibility, combined into a cardio format without jumping or impact on the joints. Light hand weights are used to sculpt the arms, legs, and glutes. The mat is used to work the abs using… Continue reading BootyBarre® Plus

Prenatal Reformer

Incorporating physical activity, such as Pilates on a Reformer, when pregnant is ideal because the strength gained will help during childbirth and will facilitate recovery once the child is born. For prenatal women at all stages of pregnancy, this class is designed to support postural changes over the nine months while keeping you energized, toned… Continue reading Prenatal Reformer

Jump and Cardio Reformer

An exhilarating and fun class, ideal for those wanting to add a cardiovascular workout to their Pilates routine. Jump and Cardio Reformer, an intermediate-level class, will make you burn calories while jumping on the jumpboard inserted at the foot of the Reformer. Defying gravity by jumping horizontally, you will feel like you are jumping on… Continue reading Jump and Cardio Reformer

BootyBarre® Energizer

The same BootyBarre® Plus class you love, but in a quick and effective 45-minute class. Perfect for those on lunch break, with less time for a workout, or those who want to try out BootyBarre® for their first time in a less intense, shorter class.   Levels Offered : All Levels