BootyBarre Classes®

Get ready to burn! Created by trainer Tracy Mallet (with full Pilates certifications) in L.A., BootyBarre® is a fun class with upbeat music that incorporates ballet barres. It is the perfect combination of ballet, strength, and flexibility, combined into a cardio format without jumping or impact on the joints.

Certified in Pilates and BootyBarre®, the teachers use Pilates alignment principles to ensure you get a safe and challenging workout. Light weights (with high reps) or resistance bands are used to sculpt the arms and upper body; Ballet barres are used to sculpt the legs and glutes and to execute cardio intervals; and mat Pilates work is used to strengthen the abdominals. Your booty will remember this class for days, months, or forever! Get ready to move, sweat, burn and have fun!

Ballet or Pilates training is not a prerequisite for this class, although you will learn some basic ballet and Pilates! Please bring a water bottle, a micro fiber or regular towel to cover your mat, wear regular or non-slip socks, and an optional small towel for sweat. We sell water bottles and also have long non-slip towels and sweat towels to rent or buy.

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