Private Classes

Private & Semi-Private Classes

During these one-on-one or two-student personalized workout sessions you’ll receive detailed corrections from the instructor of your choice. Be it a Barre, Mat or Reformer Pilates class, these training sessions are made to cater to your needs and objectives: they can take place at our studio or from the comfort of your own home over pretty much any platform: Facetime, ZOOM, Skype or WhatsApp… we’ll adjust!

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Increase Your Performance

Whether you are new to Pilates or have been practicing the method for a long time, private classes are ideal to get the most out of your workout. In a private class you get your teacher’s full attention. They will create a personalized training program adapted to your needs, and can also create a program for you to practice at home. This is without a doubt the best and fastest way to increase your performance!

Rehabilitate Your Body After an Injury

Our private rehabilitation sessions are designed for those who have suffered an injury or illness as they offer a gentler approach and are focused on the biomechanics of each movement. The Pilates Method corrects postural alignment by reinforcing stabilizer muscles, strengthening weak muscles, and releasing tight/strong muscles. This helps you recover faster and prevents new injuries. Rehabilitation Pilates can help physical conditions such as scoliosis, sports injuries, postural injuries, degenerative diseases, cancer, and more.

Discover the Reformer Private Sessions

New to Pilates or to the Reformer? Our private and semi-private (2 people) discovery sessions are super affordable and useful! They are specifically designed for you to smoothly integrate our group classes and your trainer will help you identify your weaknesses and strengths.

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