Pilates Retreat in

Pilates Retreat in Piedmont

Come join us for a week-long Pilates on equipment retreat in picturesque Piedmont, a hidden gem in the northwest corner of Italy, ringed by the Alps, the country’s most famous lakes, and a region that is undoubtedly renowned as one of the best farmlands of Italy!
Geneviève Bolla & Miriah Brennan

Immerse yourself in the rustic beauty of Italian countryside with a week of pilates, authentic Italian cuisine, wine-tasting and like-minded people – all in the spirit of health & wellbeing!

The retreat includes

  •  13 pilates classes on reformer machines and chairs in a fully equipped , state-of-the-art studio, with reformers, chairs and props.
  • A delicious breakfast served every morning
  • Five lunches and dinners, as well as two bottles of wine
  • One dinner at an Agriturismo
  • Two nights with an in-house Chef
  • A traditional Italian cooking class
  • One day bike rental to go to Canelli’s famous market


Customize your trip with these optional activities!

  • Vineyard trekking classes
  • World renowned wine tasting
  • Truffle hunting adventures

Enjoy the rest of your free time soaking up the sunshine, savoring a good book, sharing moments with others, and simply uncovering the best life has to offer!

The retreat is located in a beautiful villa, rebuilt from a traditional Piedmontese farmhouse, just a few kilometers away from Canelli, in the Province of Asti. The property is surrounded by mountain views & vineyards and also includes a private pool & an outdoor dining area that can be enjoyed at all times! The valley achieved UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2014.

All classes will be taught by Genevieve Bolla an Miriah Brennan, owners of Studio Set, one of Montreal’s leading Pilates studios. As professional dancers, Genevieve and Miriah have a unique approach that you will love.

Retreat Date Options:

  1. September 19th-26th
  2. September 26th to October 3rd

Book your Spot!

The price is 2,575 +tx/ person and does not include airfare. Additional services & tips aren’t included.
To reserve your spot, a 600$ + tx non-refundable deposit is required.

Early Bird Special

Book before March 15th to receive 4 free group classes at Studio Set, as well as a chance to win a massage at the Piedmont Villa. To know more about the Pilates Retreat in Piedmont or to book your spot, please contact us.



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