Fabiolla Moreira

Pilates Instructor

Fabiolla Moreira

Artsy, active and spirited from a young age Fabi has always been interested in different types of activities such as figure skating, yoga and cycling.

After she was introduced to Pilates by a friend over a decade ago, Fabiolla fell completely in love with the practice of contrology.

Classically trained, she got her teaching degree at The Pilates Center in Colorado on mat and all apparatus and she is also well versed in Contemporary variations and practice.

She’s constantly exploring this discipline and how it develops strength, precision and range of motion for all its practitioners as well as allowing us all to understand our bodies through efficient movement for health, fitness and healing.

If you ask her she’ll tell you that Pilates is the best thing that ever happened to her and that she wants to convert everyone to it!

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