Kasia Frejlich-Morisseau

Pilates and Barre Instructor

Kasia Frejlich-Morisseau

Katarzyna, “Kasia”, Frejlich-Morisseau began her career as a fitness teacher in 2003 and specialized in Pilates from the beginning. During her soft classes (stretching, yoga fit, Pilates), she often met practitioners with health problems, and she wanted to help them better. So she followed physiotherapy studies during one year to deepen her knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the human body.

She began her career in Poland and taught in France for 10 years. Since April 2019 she shares her knowledge in Montreal. Kasia is always full of energy and knows how to spread it in a good mood to people. With a smile, she can motivate to work hard. Curious and interested, she regularly enriches her skills by following trainings and workshops.

She started Pilates with Matwork. Then she did a teaching training in Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels with SET STUDIO in Paris. Now she follows the trainings of several complementary schools.

She turned to Pilates for its effectiveness in improving everyone’s relationship with her body. She recognizes in this approach an intelligence of movement, body awareness and breathing that she had not experienced with other disciplines.

In 2017, she obtained the Professional and Personal Coach certification at “La Haute Ecole de Coaching” in Paris. This allows Kasia to have an even more holistic approach to being.

She finds that both methods help to flourish:
Pilates – bodywork to develop a respectful listening to oneself.
Coaching – Listening to your emotions and understanding them to move forward and achieve yours goals.

Our body is like compass that guides us in life; by learning to listen to it we live more in harmony with our aspirations.

Languages ​​spoken: French, English, Polish.

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