Natacha Filiatrault

Pilates Instructor

Natacha Filiatrault

Natacha Filiatrault evolves as a contemporary dancer and choreographer since 2005. She danced for Normand Marcy (Twelve Naked Gueules) and Virginie Brunelle (Les cuisses à l’écart du coeur, Gastro Affective). She also danced Dave St-Pierre’s Trilogy, La Pornographie des Âmes, Un Peu de Tendresse Bordel de Merde! and Foudre, a piece that was presented in many international festivals from 2008 to 2014. Carole Laure choses Natacha to play Julie in her movie Love Projet. She, since then, has been defending many roles on screens.

With her experience as a dancer and actress, it was natural for Natacha to gravitate towards Yoga and Pilates teaching.

She first completed her hatha yoga teacher training at Moksha (Modo) yoga in 2016 and soon started teaching private classes in workplaces and studios around the city.

In 2019, she becomes a Merrithew STOTT PILATES’s reformer teacher. The year 2021, gives Natacha  the opportunity to refine her knowledge of Pilates during the pandemic by completing her Merrithew STOTT Pilates Mat-Plus course. She is thrilled to be part of Studio Set’s team and to share her passion to their community in group and private classes.

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