Studio Set’s Sanitation Protocol

To ensure everyone’s safety, we kindly ask you to:

Arrive at the time of your class to avoid congestion in the studio and arrive wearing your workout clothes

Wear a mask at all times in the studio

Upon arrival wash your hands with soap and water OR use the disinfectant at the entrance

Wear clean socks at all times in the studio. Socks and sticky socks can be purchased at Boutique Set

Bring your water bottle. As we unfortunately do not provide cups nor glasses anymore

Bring a regular or yoga towel to cover your equipment. Anti slip yoga towels can be rented or purchased at Boutique Set

Practice 2m distancing with your instructor and other students in the studio

Disinfect your reformer/mat after your class (leather parts, springs, rails, loops and footbar)

Sign a health form each time you come to the studio confirming you do not show any COVID-19 related symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, chills, diarrhea, vomiting, muscle pain, headaches or loss of smell or taste)

Stay home if you show any one of these symptoms OR have come in contact with someone who received a positive COVID-19 test result in the past month

Here’s what we’re doing to ensure your safety:

We wear masks at all times inside the studio

We wash our hands upon arrival and between sessions for 20 seconds in hot water

We do no tactile corrections and respect distancing at all times

We open the studio windows to provide an optimal aeration

We have covered the reformer loops with vinyl to permit proper cleaning

We disinfect touched surfaces between sessions (including, but not limited to: door handles, faucets, toilets, light switches) and all towels are single use

We have modified the studio’s schedule to allow proper cleaning time

We do not accept cash transactions

We do not show any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 (see symptoms above) when coming to work

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