Pilates and BootyBarre® Instructor

Noellie Lorentz

We are thrilled to introduce you to Noellie, a dynamic and vibrant instructor specializing in both pre and postnatal Pilates, as well as a Pilates specialist for pelvic floor issues and Booty Barre. She earned her Pilates Method certification from the Physical Mind Institute in 2011 and has consistently expanded her skills, adding numerous certifications each year.

During her leisure time, Noellie enjoys spending quality moments with her family, taking leisurely strolls with her dog, and crafting delightful meals for her loved ones.

It is with great excitement that we welcome Noellie Torentz to the SET team. We strongly encourage you to join one of her group classes at our Westmount or Laurier locations.

Fabiolla Moreira

Pilates and BootyBarre® Instructor

Miriah Brennan


Benoit Leduc

Instructeur de pilates

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