Pilates Instructor

Stephanie Johnston

Stephanie is a student in occupation therapy and a part-time Pilates instructor. She sees the classes she teaches as an opportunity to see and to understand the body in action.

According to her, Pilates and occupational therapy are very complementary fields and she hopes to one day to combine the two in her practice. Stephanie discovered the benefits of Pilates three years ago when she was recovering from a sports injury. Since then, her preferred sports such as kitesurfing and tennis have given way to Pilates and Booty Barre. Stephanie loves to chat with clients in the common area of the studio so don’t hesitate to say hello the next time you see her.

Noellie Lorentz

Pilates and BootyBarre® Instructor

Gabrielle Bédard-Gingras

Pilates and Booty barre instructor

Miriah Brennan


Isabelle Arcand

Pilates Instructor

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